Unlock the Power of Enterprise Collaboration with Microsoft's Surface Hub

You have a lot of meetings that you use to tackle the biggest issues your company is facing. You brainstorm, you collaborate, you connect with people all over the world.

The only problem is, sometimes the technology you’re using to work together can be a huge part of your challenge. Every meeting room you enter has its own very specific set of instructions. People have different kinds of devices they’re connecting, all requiring their own specific dongle to connect. Do you need an HDMI, Mini HDMI, Micro HDMI, VGA, or something else entirely? When there are multiple presentations, you may find the group scrambling to get the right setup, and risk losing the attention of the crowd and wasting everyone’s valuable time. With so many ways for your meeting to go wrong, it’s tough to imagine how it can ever go right.

That’s where Microsoft Surface Hub, an enterprise collaboration system, comes in to save the day. All those potential problems that come with setting up a meeting disappear with the addition of the Surface Hub. Microsoft has reimagined the way people can work together—they’ve created a complete collaboration device.

This device sets out to completely revolutionize the way we meet and work together as a group. It sets out to enhance productivity and improve our experiences as collaborators. It is the first of its kind and the collaboration technology solution you need to evolve with the changing workplace. To accomplish this, the Surface Hub utilizes Microsoft’s hardware, software, and productivity services—making it so much more than a video solution.

Better yet, we have a variety of our own trusted Prism Services to support your Surface Hub and the team of collaborators who will be utilizing its endless capabilities.
Dive into Arrow SI's Microsoft Surface Hub Prism Services below.

What makes the Surface Hub so great?

There’s nothing like it on the market today—it’s the first of its kind and aims to revolutionize how we collaborate and share ideas in the office and around the world. “How?” you might ask. There are a lot of aspects making this a completely unique collaboration solution, but let’s just review some of the main points.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub is completely designed for group productivity, starting at the very core with its Windows 10 operating system. Simply and intuitively place a call, use a whiteboard, share, edit and connect on either a 55” or 84” HD screen (up to 3840 x 2140 @ 120 Hz). Unlike a traditional PC option, this device was developed to be share across multiple users, so anyone can walk up and start using it immediately. In preparation for your next big meeting, the Surface Hub features Microsoft’s latest and greatest productivity software (Office Suite, OneNote, Skype for Business) completely optimized for group and large screen use. Because the Surface Hub uses the Windows 10 operating system, any Windows Universal Application can be installed.

Improve your meeting experience.

Sometimes, meetings are just painful. They start late (an average of 12 minutes!), they’re easily interrupted when meeting “drivers” change, and they tend to be frustrating for remote users. These factors lead to poor engagement, less collaboration, lost ideas and an overall negative experience for all parties involved.

The remote meeting experience doesn’t have to be so tough. The Surface Hub’s mic array helps maintain the highest sound quality for participants. It also encourages participation and engagement, as in-room participants can easily connect and make eye contact with remote attendees, as well as get the layout of the entire meeting room with the Surface Hub’s side mounted cameras. The Surface Hub keeps in-room participants and remote attendees thoroughly engaged and opens up the doors for complete creativity.

Collaborate Better.

If you’re ready to take your meetings to the next level and start truly leveraging the power of an enterprise collaboration system for the most effective group collaboration, it’s time to take a look at Microsoft’s Surface Hub. As one of only a few partners selected by Microsoft to resell the Surface Hub, Arrow Systems Integration (Arrow SI) is ready to help you find the Surface Hub solution that will work best for your organization.

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Microsoft Surface Hub Resources

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Ask Our Experts

Prism Services
for Microsoft Surface Hub

Surface Hub Readiness Assessment

The Surface Hub is a revolutionary tool that will change the way you collaborate. Ensure a successful kick-off experience and maximize your investment by utilizing our pre-planning and readiness assessment. Our engineer will conduct a half-day session to review a variety of requirements, such as: Network, Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business, Management, and Universal Applications.

Surface Hub Technical Support

While the Surface Hub has a standard warranty and SLA on repairs, those solutions protect against defects, but don’t include technical support. To help combat that, we’re bringing you a wide variety of Prism OneCall Block of Hours offerings. Available in 10, 25, 50, and 100 hour blocks, Microsoft Services Blocks offer technical support and troubleshooting for multiple dependencies.

Surface Hub Hardware Implementation Services

Arrow SI’s Surface Hub deployment expert will travel to your location to facilitate your Surface Hub implementation. We will work directly with you to help with the physical installation of your Surface Hub—either via static wall mount, wall mount with FSM for floor support or rolling stand.

Surface Hub Software Implementation Services

Arrow SI’s Surface Hub deployment expert will travel to your location to facilitate your Surface Hub implementation for software assistance as well. They’ll work with you to help configure software for your Surface Hub, such as: Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, Active Directory Users and Computers, Office 365 Tenant Admin, Exchange Online Admin, and Skype for Business Online Admin.

Surface Hub User Training—On Site Start Up User Training

When you’ve got a tool as robust and capable as the Surface Hub, it’s a good idea to make sure you know its ins and outs to ensure you’re making the most of your investment and providing a great user experience from start to finish. On site start-up training brings our Surface Hub expert to your facility (for a half or full day session) to cover the most important features of your new collaboration tool.

Remote Surface Hub Refresher/ End User Training

Sometimes we need a little bit of refresher when it comes to learning and utilizing new technologies. This remote training will engage a Surface Hub expert and review all of the Surface Hub’s top capabilities that matter to end users to make sure your investment is protected and your collaboration abilities are unmatched.