David Lover's 2016 Holiday Geek Gift Giving Guide

by David Lover | Arrow Systems Integration

In early December, I hosted Arrow SI's final Instant Insight webinar of the season. With the help of a colleague, I went through the items on my 2016 Holiday Geek Gift Giving Guide. Every year I get requests and asked for recommendations on what people should buy for the geeks in their lives. I also get recommendations from my fellow geeks on what I should add to my list! A big thank you for everyone that has been tuning in for this list and contributing for so many years.

I think I did my first Geek Gift Giving Guide in 2009. The good news is that the general rules are the same. If you get too technical, you could get in big trouble. For example, if you know your geek would LOVE a new graphics card for their computer, you have to be extremely aware of exactly what they want. They’ve already done their research and they’ve probably already picked one out. If you go and buy some random video graphics card, they will be extremely disappointed. And sadly, no, the thought doesn’t count for stuff like this. Get them exactly what they want or move on. You are much better off with a gift card or an invitation to go graphics card shopping together. There is nothing that brings loved ones together more than a couple’s trip to Fry’s or Micro Center or surfing together on www.newegg.com. I still get weepy just thinking about that kind of holiday joy!
The trick is to get them something they just wouldn’t think of buying for themselves. Find that thing that lets them show off their geekiness or that lets them interact with the world in the way they are most comfortable. Tech gadgets are always big winners. Here’s this year’s collection of geek gifts that I LOVE. As always, I either personally own these already, or know someone who owns and loves them. Either way, I know they all would be big hits for your geek. Enjoy!

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