Servicing Model Reminder from a Microsoft Expert

by Tracy Wetherington | Arrow Systems Integration

Similar to SCCM 1606, if you need to make a new SCCM installation, you can’t install SCCM 1610 directly. You need to install SCCM 1511 (or 1606) first and then apply SCCM 1610 from the console. SCCM 1606 is the baseline version if you’re starting from scratch. 

If you are running SCCM 1511, 1602 or 1606, the latest updates will be replaced by SCCM 1610 in the SCCM Console after installation. If you are on SCCM 1511, you won’t be able to install 1602 or 1606 after 1610. You can skip all previous versions and install SCCM 1610 directly which contains all 1602 and 1606 fixes and features. 

Before upgrading to version 1606, make sure you review the SCCM upgrade checklist found on TechNet

Bug Fixes

Version 1610 addresses many bug fixes such as Asset Management, BitLocker issues and content management.  For a complete list of bugs fixed in version 1610, refer to this article.

New Features of SCCM Version 1610

1. Software Center - Users can now request to deploy an application through the Application Catalog or the Software Center.  The latest version of the software center now features a “New” banner on newly released software available to end users.


2. Remote Control – New features have been added to the remote control to aid in remote session optimization. 


3. Office 365 Servicing Dashboard and App Deployments – The new servicing dashboard helps you to deploy Office 365 applications and track Office 365 usage.


4. Client Peer Cache – For locations that have very poor bandwidth or locations without distribution points, client peer cache now allows clients to share content with other clients directly from their local cache with monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

5. Cloud Management Gateway – now provides a way to manage Internet based clients.  Using the SCCM console, you can now setup the service in Microsoft Azure and configure the supported roles to allow cloud management gateway traffic.


6. Upgrade Analytics Connector for Windows 10 -  allows SCCM admins to asses and analyze device readiness for Windows 10.  For more information about this service, refer to this article.




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