Improve agent performance and customer satisfaction.

In order to manage the performance of your contact center, you need to be able to accurately measure it. At Arrow Systems Integration (Arrow SI), we implement reporting and analytics solutions that provide you with real-time views of your contact center conditions coupled with historical reporting capabilities. Quantifiable data gives your organization the power to see where the customer experience is strongest and where there is room for improvement.

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Arrow SI Can Help

At Arrow SI we have strategic, industry-wide partnerships that allow us to offer the best contact center reporting tools on the market, and we have decades of experience implementing them. Our contact center expertise enables us to connect your organization with the reporting and analytics tool and solution that will serve your communications strategy best. You won’t just be creating better customer experiences; you’ll be crafting stronger customer relationships too. 

Customized Communications Solutions

We recognize that no two customers are the same. This is why we’re in the business of leveraging our contact center analytics expertise and product offerings to create the solution that best fits your organization.

Industry-wide Partnerships

Arrow SI partners with the industry’s biggest and best providers—Avaya, Microsoft and Cisco to name a few. Our partnerships allow us to offer the most innovative and reliable call center products on the market.

Dedicated Service

We know that technology is of no use unless you and your enterprise know how to use it. We can get you up and running and answer any question as they arise.


Avaya Call Management System (CMS)

Use real-time data to ensure your communications strategy is well executed.

Avaya’s flagship reporting application, CMS, is the most widely used solution on the market and provides you with the ability to access a live view of your communications center data. This database, administration and reporting tool is well suited for organizations that handle a high call volume and have complex contact center operations. The application’s custom report package allows you to modify the criteria of real-time and historical reports to derive the analysis required to fulfill your communications strategy. 

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  • Customizable reports
  • Real-time view of contact center operations
  • Ability to see immediate results of adjustments

Avaya IQ

Pinpoint the best and worst components of your customer experience with Avaya IQ.

For customers looking for complex reporting capabilities with data coming from multiple sources, Avaya IQ provides a single, comprehensive view of contact center operations. With the ability to analyze data from Avaya Aura Call Center Elite, Proactive Contact, Voice Portal, Experience Portal, and Intelligent Customer Routing 1.0—in addition to other sources such as agent performance and revenue systems—you can get a clear picture of the entire customer experience. Avaya IQ’s dashboard gives you the ability to monitor KPIs and identify potentially problematic or clearly beneficial behaviors—all in real time. 

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  • Multi-channel reporting
  • Ability to import data from other sources
  • Hundreds of standard reports with easy customization

Customized reporting and analytics solutions

Identify the call center reporting and analytics solution that addresses your KPIs best.

The cradle-to-grave reporting capabilities of Avaya Contact Analyzer and Contact Flow Analytics are especially beneficial for certain organizations. For other businesses, the robust multi-channel reporting capabilities of Interaction Center are key. Other organizations find the partitioned infrastructure of ANAV to be vitally important. No matter how complex your contact center operations are or how robust you want your call center reporting capabilities to be, Arrow SI can help you identify the solution that’s optimized for your business. 

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  • Avaya Aura Contact Center
  • Avaya Elite Multichannel
  • Interaction Center
  • Avaya Contact Analyzer
  • Contact Flow Analytics
  • Avaya Desktop Wallboard
  • ANAV
  • Avaya Speech Analytics